Price list

Taking the mystery out of dental fees

• First, we are opened about our pricing policy, coordination of the treatment plan and it's
cost with the patient before treatment, this is one of the principles of LAVA dental studio.
• Second, we only work with the best providers, materials, and laboratory partners, so
you're paying for quality.

Now, with that said, we understand cost is a major factor in choosing to move forward with dental work, so let's talk numbers.

The fees we charge for our services vary depending on a few factors, including the types of
procedures you'll receive and the complexity of those procedures. Without first seeing you for an
exam and putting together a formal treatment plan, we can't give you an accurate estimate for
everything you might possibly get done with us. But we can give you a ballpark for some of the
most common procedures our patients typically see us for, such as:
Check-up only
Dentist consultation (30min):
Digital teeth x-rays:
Intraoral 3D scanning with 3shape scanner:
Detailed teeth examination:
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Consultation, intraoral and teeth exam, 3D scanning, digital x-rays, diagnostic photo protocol
Digital smile design (DSD) with treatment plan
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consultation, photo protocol, 3D scanning, digital smile design, treatment plan (with check-up consultation)
A filling
120€ - 160€
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With light curing (helio) filling material
Endodontics with microscope
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We treat endo teeth using Carl Zeiss EXTARO microscope, prices may varies from your clinical situation and how many root canals need to be treated.
Cosmetic dentistry
Veneer/crown class "Standart":
no 550€
Veneer/crown class "Exclusive":
no 700€
no 1300€
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Aligner invisible braces system that transform your smile the most efficient way possible
no 600€
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Working with the best implant systems - Straumann, with the exclusive whole life warranty around the world from the leading implant manufacturers Straumann, made in Switzerland.
Professional hygiene
Professional hygiene:
Repeated hygiene in case of large tartar:
Tooth white spots treatment using ICON:
Tiefenfluoride application (one jaw):
Protection of sensitive tooth necks:
Professional whitening FLASH:
Consultation before tooth whitening with photography:
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Professional oral hygiene includes hygienist consultation, instructions, fluoride application, removal of tartar and dental plaque
Sedation with laughing gas (first hour)
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Nitrous oxide is a gas, and is commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas. Giving nitrous oxide is a way to help reduce pain and anxiety during dental treatment. The gas is given through a small nosepiece, and you will be awake throughout the procedure.
You can discuss all the financial aspects of the treatment in more detail in the clinic, after the
examination by our doctor.

Have a question about a particular procedure? Give us a call or let's chat WhatsApp, email

Have a question about a particular procedure? Give us a call or let's chat WhatsApp, email